Ingrown Hair Treatment Now Painless with Ingrow Go

Published: 09th July 2009
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What is an ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair is a condition in which the hair grows towards the skin or it gets curl back into the skin. Also know as "razor bumps", these can be infected too. Ingrown hairs mostly appear on the area which is frequently shaved like beard, neck, legs, pubic area etc. These are pretty ugly in appearance and are painful too.

Some times these ingrown hairs can appear naturally too because of the dead skin or block pores. So it is advised to keep your face and body clean.

Symptoms of ingrown hairs include rashes, itching in the skin, despite of shaving the hairs remain on the skin, infection and appearance of pus on the skin.

If you experience regular painfulness in the affected area, itching, tingling and mild to rigorous pain then this is a case of mild ingrown hairs and by using some products and taking some prevention measure you can prevent it from growing further.

The extreme cases involve hard and prominent development of scar tissue. This may further result in blisters containing pus; in that case you must consult a physician to avoid further infection.

Options for ingrown hair treatment

Once you get the ingrown hairs, nothing is left for you except going for the treatment. Thankfully most of the treatment can be performed at home. When you are suffering from extreme cases of razor bumps then you must consult a physician to treat the infection quickly.

There are several ways to treat ingrown hairs:

  • Put a warm wash cloth on the affected area.

  • Shave in different direction.

  • Exfoliate the dead skin with scrub, sponge, towels

  • Go for prophylactic treatments which include the twice daily topical application of dilute glycolic acid. One of the popular products in this category is Ingrow Go.

Prevent razor bumps and be happy

The best treatment for razor bumps is to prevent it from growing up, there are several natural ways and products which can help you to prevent razor bumps. Some of them are:

  • Use a scrub before shaving to remove the dead skin from your face and make it gentler and softer. Scrub also helps to open the blocked pores of the skin which are equally responsible for ingrown hairs.

  • Always shave with new blades. It is possible that the old blade gets rusted or gets infected, so to avoid this always use a new blade for shaving.

  • Avoid too much of pressure while shaving, as too much pressure removes the excess surface skin. Avoid shaving in the area too many times.

  • Always shave the area towards the direction of hair growth; if you'll shave in the opposite direction then there are more chances for you to get ingrown hairs.

Ingrow Go - Your painless solution

As you know that the topical solution involving glycolic acid is the apt treatment for ingrown hair and Ingrow Go is just that.

It is a fast acting solution which removes the painful and ugly ingrown hairs with ease and without any pain. This is so effective that it removes the razor bumps and red spots in less than 24 hours. You can use it after shaving to avoid getting ingrown hair in any case. Regular usage of this solution makes the skin really smooth.

This product is a unique combination of natural ingredients which includes Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetylsalicylic acid and most importantly Glycolic acid. The first two ingredients act as an antibacterial which cleanses and purifies the infected pores, reduces the swelling and redness. Whereas the last one moisturizes the skin and removes the dead skin.

An additional benefit which you can get with this is the reduction in appearance of the pigmentation mark, acne and redness.

Ingrow Go is painless way to get rid of ugly ingrown hair facial hair removal products with natural ingredients are available online at

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